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Frequently asked questions about LifeRing Secular Recovery (LSR)



Q: What is LifeRing Secular Recovery (LSR)?

Answer:  LifeRing Secular Recovery (LSR) is a secularly oriented non-professional support group created by and for alcoholics/addicts. We meet together regularly in face-to-face and online meetings to share information and strategies for staying clean and sober. (back to questions)

Q: What is "secular"?

Answer:  Secular, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary, in part: "1 Answer: of or relating to the worldly or temporal <secular concerns> b : not overtly or specifically religious <secular music>". We use that term to indicate that we are different from groups which stress supernatural or religious paths to recovery. (back to questions)

Q: Is LifeRing Secular Recovery (LSR) AA?

Answer:  No, LSR is not affiliated in any way with Alcoholics Anonymous or any other recovery or self-help organization. LSR is incorporated as a non-profit entity in the state of California and is controlled by an elected congress of delegates from meetings. (back to questions)

Q: What are your meetings like?

Answer: Our meetings are like many other get togethers of like minded people involved in supporting one another. The atmosphere is friendly and open. We make an effort to welcome newcomers and try to provide an environment where people feel comfortable to share. Meetings range in size from as few as two or three up to as many as twenty or more depending on their geographical location and availability. (back to questions)

Q: Who goes to LSR meetings?

A:  LSR meetings are open to anyone who is trying to abstain from alcohol and illicit or non-medically indicated drugs. We also try to accommodate spouses and significant others when they wish to attend meetings. (back to questions)

Q: Can I go to a meeting?

Answer: If you consider that you have a problem getting or staying clean and sober and would like help and support with that, please come to one of our meetings. We also welcome "significant" others to meetings. If you have any questions, please call. (back to questions)

Q: Do you have "steps", like AA?

Answer: No. The "twelve step" approach was begun by Alcoholics Anonymous. It has been borrowed or modified by other groups like Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and others. The twelve steps are based on a religious or spiritual understanding or model of alcoholism or chemical dependency. LSR's view is more along the lines of dealing with a physiological or medical problem. (back to questions)

Q: How can I find out more?

Answer: Take a look at the rest of our site. Contact one of our members by phone or email. Visit one of our meetings. See the website "". All of these resources are available to provide you with the information you seek. (back to questions)

Q: Is there a charge for your meetings?

Answer: No, there is no charge for attending an LSR meeting. Like other groups, we "pass the basket" for donations to contribute to meeting expenses such as rent, refreshments, literature, etc. If you can contribute, it is greatly appreciated. If you cannot, that is not a problem.
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Q: Is LSR a "treatment program"?

Answer: LSR is a coalition of meetings, both "face-to-face" and online. LSR is a non-professional, self-help organization comprised of those wishing to free themselves from chemical dependency through abstinence.
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Q: Who runs LSR?

Answer: LSR is run by the members. Each meeting selects a delegate to an annual congress of LSR. The delegates meet and decide on policy and organizational issues. The delegates also elect a seven member board of directors from the membership. This board is chiefly concerned with the operation of the LSR Service Center and acts as the board of directors for LifeRing, Inc. which is a non-profit entity incorporated in the state of California. LifeRing, Inc. acts to transact business for LSR by publishing literature, accepting donations, organizing the annual congress, etc.
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