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This site exists to inform you about our group and what we do. LifeRing Secular Recovery (LSR) was founded to provide help and support to those who want to live free of chemical dependency.

March 20, 2018 --- New articles of interest to LSR members and others in recovery HERE

LSR is a democratically structured organization run by, and for, its members. LSR is focused on three guiding principles:

Sobriety. We are an abstinence-based organization. Sobriety means abstinence from alcohol and illicit or non-medically indicated drugs. In our meetings, we help one another make sobriety the top priority in our lives. We don't drink or use, no matter what.

Secularity. As our name indicates, we are a secular group, dedicated to providing an alternative to groups which stress supernatural or religious paths to recovery.

Self-Help. Our meetings are run by alcoholics and addicts, for the benefit of alcoholics and addicts. Our purpose is to provide a safe peer-oriented environment where we can work together on our individual recovery.

We are an autonomous group, not controlled by any organization or by any institution. By choice, we are affiliated with other LifeRing Secular Recovery groups. We are free to shape our meetings to fit our own needs and wishes.

If you're looking for support with your recovery, we invite you to join us. If our limited meeting schedule does not fit with yours, you may want to consider joining our email support list or online chats (this link will take you to the chat site operated by LSR).

The following are pointers to some useful online resources:

  • The ad hoc national site is LifeRing Secular Recovery. It's a lively site, updated regularly, with lots of readings, discussion groups, links to other sites focusing on recovery and secularity, and generally helpful information on addiction and recovery.

  • LifeRing Press publishes a small but growing list of books and pamphlets that will be helpful to people who are working to start and run LSR meetings as well as those who are working on their own recovery.

  • Tom Shelley maintains the LSR email list - it's a busy list, with upwards of 40 messages per day, almost all of them interesting, honest, and pertinent to someone working on his or her recovery. To join the list, send an email to Tom at (back)

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