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What Is LifeRing

People who share sobriety support.

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The 3-S Philosophy

Sobriety, Self-Help, Secularity

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Some new resources from various media


From The Fix:

Everybody Knows: 10 Lessons from 10 Years of Sobriety Without AA - Mishka Shubaly (from "The Fix" 5/28/19)

From Cosmopolitan:

Are Millennials Over Alcoholics Anonymous? Young addicts are increasingly seeking alternative methods to support their recovery.

From the NY Times:

So You’ve Made a Huge Mistake. What Now? It’s fine. You’re fine. Everything is O.K.

From YouTube:

Drinkers Like Me British broadcaster Adrian Chiles examines his (and friends) drinking behavior in this BBC Special.


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LifeRing is a network of support groups for people who want to live free of alcohol, illicit and non-medically indicated drugs.

We encourage each member to create their own personal recovery program.

Our meetings are secular which means we focus on human relationships and individual efforts, in other words, things you can do for yourself and getting support from people and professionals who can help. Members of LifeRing achieve sobriety by applying some straightforward suggestions and by practicing common everyday skills.

If you want to get and stay clean and sober, you're welcome at LifeRing!