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Online Articles

Don't Call People Addicts - Does this do damage to the recovering person? (WHYY in Philadelphia - 4/1/19)

Talking About Addiction - How the way we talk about addiction can make it harder for people to recover. (Candadian Broadcastng  - 4/1/19)

People are dying because we misunderstand how those with addiction think... A philosopher explains why addiction isn’t a moral failure. ( - 3/16/18)

Alcoholics Anonymous works for some people. A new study suggests the alternatives do too. A study shows why we need more addiction treatment options in America:( - 3/16/18)

My First Year Sober A wonderful sober/biographical cartoon, (Edith Zimmerman - 3/16/18)

How To Get Yourself Out Of A Funk Try it! ( - 2/22/19)

Why I Don't Have A Sobriety Date (Elizabeth Brico "The Fix" - 10/30/17)

Why some people swear by Alcoholics Anonymous "— and others despise it The research offers some insights, but it’s complicated. ( - 1/2/18)

Imagine If The Media Covered Alcohol Like Other Drugs" A satirical piece...or is it? ( - 9/28/18)

Addicton, Inc. From the New York Times a four article series (New York Times - 2/18/18)

Let's Open Up About Addiction and Recovery Will openess reduce the stigma of addiction? (New York Times - 11/4/17)

How Science Is Unlocking The Secrets Of Addiction How new discoveries can help us kick the habit. (National Geographic - Sept. 2017)

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Recovery Websites

These organizations have face-to-face meetings as well as an online presence.

LifeRing - the main LSR worldwide website. Lots of information, online chats, email lists, resources and much, much more

AAAgnostica - The inside AA movement to offer help to those looking to AA for help and troubled by the religious content of many AA meetings.

SMART Recovery - Smart Management and Recovery Training focuses on empowering the individual to sustain recovery.

Women for Sobriety (WFS) - A nonprofit, abstinence-based program is made up of women supporting each other in recovery.

Secular AA - "Grounded in the belief that anyone – regardless of their spiritual beliefs or lack thereof – can recover in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous"

Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) - SOS provides a non-religious path to sobriety through a local group meetings.

These organizations are online only communities (Many thanks to "The Temper" for aggregating much of this list)

r/stopdrinking - With more than 150,000 subscribers, this subreddit of does exactly what it says in the name: helps its members to stop drinking. (According to their tagline, they’re “a place to motivate each other to control or stop drinking.”)

r/redditorsinrecovery - This Reddit community isn’t as big as r/stopdrinking, but r/redditorsinrecovery can be a great secondary Reddit resource.

Sober Recovery - This forums based recovery site is a great place for people with substance use disorder to find assistance and helpful information.

Hello Sunday Morning - A community that’s focused on positive health and behavior change.

Dharmapunx - Noah Levine is a Buddhist teacher, author and counselor.He teaches meditation classes, workshops and retreats nationally as well as leading groups in juvenile halls and prisons. This is his site.

Kevin Griffin - Buddhist author, teacher, and leader in the mindful recovery movement.

Refuge Recovery - A Buddhist inspired path to recovery - site links to large library of podcasts

Addictions and Recovery - Addiction and Recovery Information for Individuals, Families, and Professionals



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Online Publications

The Temper - The Temper explores life through the lens of sobriety, addiction, and recovery—with an unapologetically intersectional feminist approach.

The Fix - The Fix is the world's premier website about addiction and recovery, featuring a daily mix of breaking news, exclusive interviews, investigative reports, essays and blogs on sober living, lifestyle and cultural resources, as well as knowledge and wisdom from expert counsel.

 Recovery Today - Online magazine about recovery

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